Makeover your space in one day.

Are you ready to REFRESH your home WITHOUT a remodel?

In this course, I teach you 7 simple design principles to makeover your space in one day. I will walk you through the process step by step using many before and after photos of actual client homes. I will show you what to do for each principle.

You'll also receive a download to print off or save to your phone to use as a quick reference guide when you're ready to get started on creating a space you love that reflects you.

Are you ready to create a beautiful space that reflects you?

What you get:

  • Seven 15-minute video lessons on how to makeover a space with before and after pictures from actual clients
  • Printable Summary of the 7 Principles                                                                                                           

Get started creating a space you LOVE and do it in a day!

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9 Modules

Intro to Course

Intro to 7 Simple Design Principles to transform your space in one day.

Function and Layout

How you use this space, will determine the layout.

Focal Point

What is a Focal Point and why does it matter? 

Inspiration Piece

How do you decide on what colors to add to a room? 


We will discuss fabric and what items you can add.


How to add Lighting to your space.

Natural Elements

When you add plants to a space they create texture, freshness and beauty.

Accessories and Art

The finishing touches to your newly redesigned space.

Modules for this product 9
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